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This job is designed to service all of our Commercial and Wholesale accounts located in a close proximity to the store you are domiciled from. The actual distance traveled is different at each store and is subject to change. As a Driver you will take the responsibility for filling your own orders, loading your truck, securing your load, making certain that you do not leave without the proper paperwork, and then drive to our account with the tires/product they ordered. As you arrive at the account you must first go inside to determine where they want you to unload, then move your truck to that area, then unload and assist the account with bringing the tires, and/or other products purchased from us, to a close proximity of where they need our product. Upon completion you must provide our account with all paperwork and receive a signature. You will be required to take scrap tires from the account but only do this at the direction of your supervisor. Sometimes you will take the scrap as you are there, sometimes you will come back later in the day and sometimes you will come back another day. Upon completion of all this you will then need to go on to your next stop or return back to your store. If at any time you have any issue or problem you are immediately required to contact your supervisor for direction. At no time should you perform any illegal driving acts. It is your license and you are responsible for maintaining it, not the company.
Job Qualifications:
Must be willing to drive and make deliveries
Must be willing to deal with customers and company accounts on a regular and daily basis
Must be courteous
Must be clean and neat in appearance
Valid Drivers License and clean driving record
Education Requirements:
High School diploma or equivalent
Company specific training and all related items
Essential Job Functions:
Drive company truck
Fill orders for delivery
Load and secure company products in vehicle
Maintain company vehicle
Drive company vehicle in a safe and legal operation
Communicate with store management
Operate independently and as a team member
Perform and demonstrate Customer Service Satisfaction
Operate safely and to ensure all others perform as listed below
Customer Relations
Fulfill Company Philosophy and Goals
Non-Essential Job Functions:
Paperwork - return of delivery slip
Housekeeping, maintained daily.
Restrict and control the use of company property for personal use to include, vehicles, phones, computers, etc.
Restrict and control any and all horseplay
From time to time maybe required to change tires
Safety Requirements:
Perform all safety related items as per the Employee Safety Manual
Weight Requirements:
Lift a minimum of forty-five (45) pounds
Perform repeated and repetitive movement consistent within the tire industry
Other Duties/Responsibilities:
Other duties can and will arise and you should be prepared to take on these challenges openly. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist